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No matter how powerful your vehicle’s engine, it means nothing if the braking system is unreliable. The brakes are your vehicle’s most important safety component. Owners end up spending whatever it takes to get their brakes repaired because there’s no fun, enjoyment, or safety without excellent brakes. Duraleigh Auto Center has a team of brake repair specialists dedicated specifically to your brake services. We keep you, your passengers, and other motorists safer with our quality brake services. As soon as you notice a brake performance issue, bring it to our experts for a thorough inspection. These early warning signs can be heard or felt. Our quality brake inspections include checking out the caliper assemblies, disc pads, rotors, wheel studs, and bearings. After our inspections, we can identify the problem and perform the necessary repairs. When you get behind the wheel of your high-performance vehicle, you should be completely confident in your braking system. Slowing down effectively and stopping on a dime are “in-the-moment” driver responses. Don’t wait to find out if your brakes are ready to respond to you.

BrakeSaver Technology–Save Money On Brake Repair & Brake Service

Sometimes vehicle owners are unnecessarily getting brake rotors replaced. This can be expensive if it’s the go-to solution for brakes that are abnormally shaky. Most mechanics can easily fix your braking system problem just by replacing your rotors, at great expense to their customer. However, your braking system may just need a better brake repair service, like our BrakeSaver equipment. Incompatible braking system parts can create a slight problem that turns into a noticeable performance problem and ultimately a rotor replacement need. Duraleigh Auto Center’s BrakeSaver equipment can perform the rotor matching service to eliminate the pulsating caused by the incompatible parts. When you come to our specialists with a brake performance issue, you’ll get every available option. BrakeSaver’s rotor matching equipment is able to solve common braking system issues to our exacting standards. We don’t want to replace parts, overcharge you, and add good parts to overcrowded landfills. Duraleigh Auto Center wants to keep your wallet fat, enhance safety and brake performance, and protect your vehicle from wear-and-tear.

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Today’s a good day for quality brake repair service! If you get behind the wheel of your car wondering about the quality of your braking system, then it’s time to visit Duraleigh Auto Center. It’s hard to drive safely and with confidence when you don’t have good brakes. We use state-of-the-art tools and equipment to make sure your brakes are at peak performance. Give us a call today at 919-781-7272 to schedule your brake repair service. Save yourself some time by using our convenient online scheduling system. Pick a day and time that works best and we’ll meet you here! Next time you’re in the area feel free to stop on by. We gladly welcome all of our walk-ins!