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Time and Money can be the biggest obstacles to receiving complete car care. Many owners drive around with subpar engine performance or damaged auto bodies because repairs are inconvenient and expensive. Great news for Raleigh drivers! Duraleigh Auto Center in Raleigh, NC can bring vehicles to that next level, all in one visit. You can get all of your auto repair services and bodywork handled in the same location by the same team of specialists. Make Duraleigh Auto Center your automatic answer for any questions about your vehicle’s auto repair needs or auto body restoration. We’re a competent, convenient, and affordable location to bring all of your vehicle’s troubles. Remember, whatever condition it comes to our facility, it leaves looking and sounding like you just drove it off the lot. Our ASE Certified techs go above and beyond to make sure vehicles are looking better and running smoother than when they arrived. We’ve been at it since 1996, keeping Raleigh’s vehicles road-ready.

The Definition of Trustworthy–Duraleigh Auto Center

When your vehicle needs quality auto repair inside and out, Duraleigh is your one-stop shop to handle both. Our technicians consider the driver and the passengers as part of the “inside.” Customer service is our first priority! Meeting your expectations starts from the first phone call, or moment you walk through our door. We’re a staff of friendly and reliable professionals that you can trust! Nothing is more important to us than your confidence in our skills! Your vehicle is your ticket to freedom on the open road. And a means to keep your daily schedule in order and on time. Duraleigh understands that life is what happens at every destination. A fully functioning automobile keeps life’s important moments connected to each other. We also know how to cut down on visits to any repair shop. We provide wise automotive counsel, with thorough inspections and preventive maintenance services. Before providing our full-service repairs, we offer alternative services to avoid costly repairs. But when you need an auto repair job done right the first time, come to Duraleigh Auto Center.

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Our team is looking forward to solving your vehicle’s performance problems. This may be a big headache for you, but relieving your stress is our passion. Any hindrance to your life that’s caused by your vehicle can be fixed today! All we need is your vehicle, and your trust. Give us a call today at 919-781-7272 to schedule your auto service appointment. We’re here to handle any of your vehicle’s needs and ensure an excellent auto service experience. For your convenience, we’ve made it easy to schedule your appointment right now! Use our online scheduling system by picking a day and time that’s most convenient. Next time you’re in the area, feel free to stop on by! We look forward to meeting all of our walk-ins!

Quality Collision Repairs–Just When You Thought It Was Totaled!

Our technicians are the answer for all of your dent and collision repair needs. Don’t let unsightly auto body damage keep you from looking your best on the road. We can handle anything from minor paint scratches to major collisions. If you’ve have a serious front-end or rear-end collision, don’t worry. It won’t stay that way long if you bring it to Duraleigh Auto Center. Our experience and our state-of-the-art equipment are how we get you back on the road quicker. We’re here to take you from the moment of impact to complete, bumper to bumper full body restoration. Our car paint services and body repairs will take you back in time to moments before any accident. No matter what the circumstances, you know what your vehicle is supposed to look like and we want to give you that as quickly as possible. Our expert technicians have been providing exceptional auto body repairs to Raleigh for over 20 years, and if you feel like it’s your turn, so do we! Trust our specialists, your car will look better than you remember.